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Baby Comfy Nose vs. Nose Frida

Thanks to our fan Zoe Samuelson for this great video!  We could not have said it better.

One of the most frequent questions we receive is, 'Why is Baby Comfy better than Nose Frida?'  Here is a quick reference guide.






Baby Comfy Nose
  • Baby Comfy Nose is DESIGNED to use tissue as a filter. Tissue is a better filter material than plastic foam rubber because it is inherently absorbent and has a smaller pore size than foam rubber. Tissue is always available and ... free. A better snot sucker.
  • Baby Comfy Nose offers two SOFT nose tips: standard and newborn.
  • The dishwasher/storage pouch keeps the pieces together in the dishwasher and the diaper bag.
  • Available in three colors, Blue, Crystal & Magenta.  Ideal for siblings and multiples to keep aspirators separate.
Nose Frida
  • Nose Frida requires purchase of expensive plastic foam rubber filters.
  • Nose Frida is hard plastic with no soft nose tip.
  • It is generally recognized that the nose tip opening of the Nose Frida is too large for newborns.



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