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10 Ways to Unplug Baby Congestion


The Baby Congestion Faker

There is an imposter that likes to pose as baby congestion.

It’s called noisy breathing. His cute little button nose has extremely tiny nasal passages that are very sensitive to dry air.

A dry nose can make congestion sounds because of the air rushing past the dried chunks of snot. (Granted, that’s not my prettiest description, but it’s accurate.)

If your infant isn’t acting like he feels sick (fussy, not eating well), and there’s no snot dripping down his face like a faucet, you most likely have a dry nose problem, and not an infection.

Give him a few squirts of a saline solution, put an adorable humidifierin his room, and he’ll be as right as rain in no time.

That said…

If he is acting sick and leaving a slime trail everywhere he goes

it’s time to hit it on the head nose.

The World’s Most Useless Congestion Tool

Your infant is incapable of blowing his nose. This means all that nasty stuff stays in there unless you take it out.

And what do most people suggest you use to get that snot out?

baby congestion bulb syringe

My true feelings towards the bulb syringe.

Yep. The blub syringe.

But I, my friend, am not most people.

I will end the tyranny of the bulb syringe once and for all.

You see…*whispering* it’s evil.

It looks like it should be your new best friend. Promising buckets and buckets of removed snot.


A Quick List of Baby Congestion Home Remedies

  1.  Offer breastmilk or formula more frequently throughout the day. A well-hydrated infant will keep the snots from solidifying, making baby congestion worse.
  2. Put some vaseline on his upper lip to protect the skin from the constant wiping and use extra-soft T-shirts or boogie wipes to prevent irritating the skin.
  3. For all-natural mamas, try the homeopathic Sinus Soothe to help baby breathe better at night. If he seems to be producing extra buckets of snot, add in some Mucus Clear. The same company also makes a wonderful health supplement for babies over a year old called Kiddie Boost to avoid those nasty colds in the first place!
  4. Place a pillow between the crib springs and the mattress, so the mattress is slightly inclined. (Slightly. You don’t want her rolling down a hill.) The incline helps the mucus to drain better down the throat and avoid sticking around (get it? STICKING? *eye roll*) inside the nasal cavities.
  5. Sniffy Sprinkles is an all-natural FDA-registered product that helps loosen up mucus in babies so you can suck them out more effectively.
  6. Add a cute humidifier to your infant’s room. Extra moisture is essential in keeping the snot from crystallizing and blocking up the nose.
  7. Wear your baby in a sling in an upright or angled position. Not only will he be soothed by your close presence, the angle will help with drainage.
  8. Give your baby some probiotics to strengthen his immune system. Kelly Mom shares how to do this.
  9. Give a little nasal massage to help with baby congestion. This YouTube video demonstrates how to do this on an adult, but it can be easily adapted for an infant.
  10. Shallots! Reader Lucy had a great tip using eucalpytus oil and shallots. See her tip here.