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Is Nasal Congestion a Serious Problem?


Because nasal congestion is a symptom and NOT a condition, on it\'s own it is generally NOT serious in the short term. However, the condition or illness CAUSING the nasal congestion could also cause OTHER symptoms or problems which MAY be serious.

Babies are essentially \'nose breathers\', so they quickly become upset if nasal congestion is severe enough to affect their ability to breathe through their nose. Unfortunately breathing difficulties related to nasal congestion can sometimes affect a baby\'s ability to feed properly, which may further add to his distress.

Hearing problems and delayed speech development can occur as a result of REPEATED ear infections, which are frequently associated with long term nasal congestion (due to allergies, chronic illness or enlarged adenoids).  

See a doctor is your child...

  • Is having trouble breathing.
  • Is running a fever.
  • Has a cough or wheeze.
  • Has a sticky, thick nasal discharge.
  • Has allergy-type symptoms.
  • Has any swelling of the face.
  • Is NOT drinking.
  • Is distressed.
  • Is less that 3 months of age and has signs of a cold or flu.
  • If you are concerned.

See your doctor for advice BEFORE using medications.