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How To Safely Trim Baby’s Nails


How To Safely Trim Baby’s Nails

Every new parent wonders if they need to trim their baby’s nails. The answer is yes! Your baby’s fingernails will get sharp and pose a hazard to themselves and you. These tiny fingernails and toenails grow fast and may require frequent cutting.

When Is The Best Time To Cut The Nails?

You should use your Baby Comfy Care safety nail cutter while your child is sleeping, or after a bath when the nails are the softest. These clippers are especially designed for babies and will help you through the tricky nail cutting process. If you do decide to cut a baby’s nails while she is awake, have someone else hold the baby to keep her from squirming.

What If I Cut The Baby When Trimming Her Nails?

This happens to the best of us! Don’t fret if you accidentally cut your child’s finger in the process of trimming her nails. Simply get a tissue and place pressure on the cut. The bleeding should stop within a couple of minutes.

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