BabyComfy Hydrator Review

BabyComfy Hydrator to actively administer fluids – Combines the best of a sippy cup and a syringe.

It is rarely the flu or tummy bug that sends kids to the emergency room, but the resultant dehydration. Handing your child a bottle or sippy cup when they are ill and lethargic and expecting them to drink just won’t do –  it is necessary for mom or dad to actively administer fluids. BabyComfy Hydrator gives parents the tool to actively administer fluids to avoid the ER and to get better more quickly.

The 2 ounce capacity of the BabyComfy Hydrator helps to prevent giving too much liquid too quickly, which could cause further vomiting & dehydration. Use water or electrolyte rehydration fluids. Durable, BPA, and phthalate-free. The top-rack dishwasher is safe.

PRO-TIP: On first use, apply a spot of vegetable or food-grade mineral oil to the gasket so it slides more easily.

  • To clean, disassemble the unit and put it into the dishwasher on a sterilized cycle or boil the unit in water.  Do no use microwave sterilizers as the Hydrator could be damaged.


The best method to deliver Pedialyte.

My daughter couldn’t keep anything down and this was the only way we could get liquids into her.  I know this helped us avoid an ER visit and saved us a thousand bucks or more. LOVE IT!  A  must-have tool – Thank you!

Zoe Taler

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