Top 10 Baby Care Essentials


Being a new mom can be a scary adventure. That is why arming yourself with not only the right products but the right information is crucial in preparing for life with baby.

Here are some of the need-to-knows of caring for your newborn.


Newborn nails can be quite sharp and babies tend to scratch their delicate faces and skin which can leave marks on their skin. Cutting baby nails can be challenging on a small wiggly infant however. Having a good quality baby nail clipper that is designed for that task can be a big help. Baby nail scissors and files can also be helpful.


Babies are not very good mouth breathers and tiny nostrils get clogged with mucus often, even if baby is not sick. Nasal Aspirators are a must have and having one that really works is best. Studies have shown that bulb and battery aspirators are not as effective as those that use human lung suction such as the Baby Comfy Nose to remove those pesky boogers.


You will spend a lot of time soothing and nurturing your baby. Swaddling your baby in a tight blanket can calm them down when agitated as it provides them the security they felt while in the womb. Having a few square swaddling blankets on hand at all time and knowing HOW (link to article on swaddling) to swaddle your baby can sooth your baby in a pinch.


While babies do not typically start teething until about 6 months, they can experience teething pain earlier and need soothing on their gums. Whatever teether you choose, make sure that it is free from all PVC, BPA and harmful chemicals. Teethers with bumpy ridges work best at massaging the gums.


If you are breast feeding that is wonderful, nothing more is needed. If you are using bottles, heating the formula or breast milk might be tricky. Do NOT put your baby’s bottles in the microwave. This could lead to uneven heating and could burn your baby’s mouth even if you shake it. You can warm a bottle by running it under not water OR use an electric bottle warmer.


While babies don’t necessarily need to be bathed every single day, they do get messy, especially under the chin and neck area. Keeping cotton balls on hand to clean up quick messes might be the quickest and safest way to do this. Avoid chemical laden baby wipes. Sometimes a baby washcloth and water are your best friends.


Due to the nose clog issue, keeping a baby’s room adequately humidified is helpful. Using a small room humidifier, especially if you live in more arid areas, can help with breathing, skin moisture and sleep. Use a cool mist humidifier instead of a hot one.


If you are breastfeeding you have all of baby’s fluid needs met. However if a baby gets sick and needs extra hydration keeping pedialyte on hand to replenish needed electrolytes and avoid dehydration (link to blog post) is important. Make sure you have a way of measuring your child’s hydration needs with either a syringe to measure out the correct amount of fluid or a Hydrator which makes that task simple.


A baby’s skin is most susceptible to sun damage and harmful UV rays within the first 6 months of life. As adults we are now taught to make sunscreen a daily regime before we leave the house. This should be stressed even more so with small infants and children. If you choose to use a topical sunscreen make sure it is easy to apply and free of harmful chemicals. If you want to go chemical free, which is highly suggested, always use sun protective clothing, hats or covers as a first line of defense to the sun.


Babies spend close to 3 years in diapers so being informed in the type of diapers you want to use is important. There are many things to consider when making this choice. If keeping chemicals, dyes and plastic away from your baby’s skin is important then you might want to consider cloth diapers(link to blog post). If disposables are the way you want to go be sure to inform yourself as to what goes into them before putting them on your baby.

Looking for a kit that will knock out 4 of these essential items with one combined price? Consider our Baby Comfy Care Baby Essentials Gift Pack! 4 great baby essentials for the new mother.

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