BabyComfy Hydrator

by BabyComfy


BabyComfy Hydrator combines the best of a sippy cup and a syringe.

Handing a child a bottle or sippy cup that is ill and lethargic due to dehydration and expecting them drink just won’t do –  it is necessary for mom or dad to actively administer fluids.  Dehydration due to illness is one of the main causes for pediatric emergency room visits and not the illness itself!  The 2 ounce capacity of the BabyComfy Hydrator also helps to prevent giving too much liquid too quickly, which could cause further vomiting & dehydration. Use with water or electrolyte rehydration fluids.  BabyComfy Hydrator is a one-of-a-kind product that gives parents the tool to actively administer fluids resulting in shorter recovery times and healthier children.

Durable, BPA and phthalate free. Top rack dishwasher safe.