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Gets Snot Out Like a Champ. Huge Money Saver.

This thing has been a life saver for years. Especially once our daughter started going to playschool and her immune system was getting used to the influx of new germs she was being exposed to and was sick for like 4 months straight. This was the only way she could get sleep at night and the only things that kept her from getting really sick at times because we got the snot out so it didn’t stay in her head and get infected or go into her lungs. It clears the nose so well. It’s so much cheaper than buying something with replaceable filters. 

Rachel M.

Easy to use, easy to hold on to. Works for babies and older kids too!

I really love the generous size and design of this nail clipper. The thought of clipping my baby’s skin or losing my grip on the nail trimmers was always a fear but with this one it’s easy and there’s no worry of hurting a squirming baby or toddler. We all know that once you clip them they never want their nails cut again, so not ever making that mistake is important. My bigger kids can even use these to trim their own nails which is also a huge relief because my kids nails seem to grow lightning fast! I’d highly recommend these and wish I’d gotten them as a baby shower gift when I was a new mom.


Works great!! Prefer it to the Nose Frida.

The 2 attachments make it great for multiple stages. The smaller one worked well when my daughter was 3 months and gets the mucus that’s really up there. The bigger attachment is good for blocking the whole nostril to keep suction.  Reasons I think is better than Nose Frida- The Nose Frida was too big for my 3 month old and wasn’t able to get the mucus way up there.

No need to buy a foam filters as you use a tissue inside the compartment to stop the mucus from traveling up the tube to your mouth.

Amy Rehkemper

Beautiful pendant teether necklace! Love the texture

This is a fantastic teething necklace – the pendant style is very pretty and can easily be worn as a necklace (and there are a lot of really pretty colors to choose from which is perfect for mixing / matching with your wardrobe)! The aqua color we chose is beautiful. My 17 month old seemed to really like the texture of this teether – she kept touching it and then putting it to her mouth to test it and feel the little bumps. I love that teething necklaces are so light and compact, perfect for stashing in your purse or diaper bag if you choose not to wear it out. And with our daughter, she likes to wear the necklaces for short periods of time (with supervision of course), or put them on her stuffed animals (in between chewing on it)!

Rebekah Hills

Stylish Discreet Nursing Cover

I could easily wear this around town or to the beach. And come to think of it I have.  I bought the aqua shawl and it looks great. I love it that I can wear it as a piece of clothing and then tuck my son in under and nurse him.  Also a great car seat and stroller cover. Great design, great quality.

Susan Armensen

Love the Kit

I like every individual item in the kit – nose, nail, hydrator and gummi, so I doubly love the kit because it’s a perfect 39 dollar baby shower gift.

Sara Zeiceck

About Baby Comfy Care

Necessity was truly the Mother of this Invention

It all began in 2010 when we needed a better way to get the snot out of baby Benjamin’s nose. We discovered that the standard bulb and battery-powered nasal aspirators on the market just didn’t work very well and so Baby Comfy Nose was born.

All of our product ideas come from looking for a better solution to challenges that we had as parents and developing products that we would want to have for our own kids. We love sharing our creations with other parents and nothing makes us happier than knowing that maybe we have made the life of a fellow parent a little bit easier. We’ve been there! Please share your experiences and feedback with us so that we can do our best to help moms and dads do the important work of being parents.

From here, we have expanded into baby product reviews such as strollers, carriers, baby monitors & more!

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